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24 May 2022 08:13


Actor Mehmet Günsur played in a TV series with his daughter Cloe! The resemblance to his father was surprising!

It was learned that the famous actor Mehmet Günsur played with his daughter in a TV series published in Italy. The successful actor, who first appeared in front of the audience in 1989 with a TV series called Geçmiş Bahar Mimozaları, has recently come to the fore with productions such as Atiye, Fi, Muhteşem Yüzyıl, Aşk Tesadüfleri Sever.

The actor, who lives in Italy and came to Turkey for her work, is married to Italian director Katerina Mongio in 2006. Günsür has three children named Ali, Maya and Cloe from this marriage. It has come to the fore that Günsur took a role in a TV series in Italy with one of her daughters, Cloe.

The TV series Lea (New Bird), broadcast on Rai-1, became a popular production in Italy with its first episode. Reaching 5 million viewers in the 1st episode, the TV series Lea surpassed the “Inter Milan-Rome” match on the same day and reached 22.4 percent of the audience.

It was also a great surprise that Günsür was in front of the camera with her daughter in the series, which was designed as 8 episodes. Günsur’s daughter, Cloe, plays the role of “Martina”. Cloe, the youngest of the actor’s 3 children, seems to have set his heart on the profession of his parents! It seems that Cloe’s father took his first step into acting at a young age with this role.

In the series, Mehmet Günsür plays the character of Arturo Minerva, a musician of Turkish origin who travels around the world accompanying artists. The musician unwillingly has a daughter from an affair and his mother abandons the child. Arturo moves to Italy with his child, whom he named Martine, and takes care of her alone.

Mehmet Günsür, who has been living in Italy for 22 years with his Italian director wife and children, told in an interview that he was very happy to live in Rome, that he lived invisibly in the city, that he felt comfortable. The actor also summarized his daily life as follows:

“I am a father who takes his children to school in the morning and goes to parent meetings. A totally normal dad… I’m in love with my kids, all three of them! Girls already melt me ​​with just one look. The boy is also the most sensitive person among us, he is also in a different dimension. He slowly started puberty. They are beautiful, very beautiful.”

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