Artists News Anıl İlter, Tahir of the Mahkum TV series, is getting married!

Anıl İlter, Tahir of the Mahkum TV series, is getting married!


Anıl İlter is one of the young actors who are well-known to Turkish television viewers… Born in 1981 in İzmit, the actor will embark on a new path with his lover.

Famous actor Anıl İlter and successful volleyball player Sinem Yıldız had a romantic night at Efrouz on Valentine’s Day. The lovers, who had a happy relationship for two years, did not feel the need to hide their love.

Anıl İlter, who received great acclaim for his role as Prosecutor Tahir in the series Mahkum, announced that they had decided to marry his lover. The successful actor said, “We have a very good relationship. “We haven’t received a date yet, but we will crown our union with marriage,” he said.

Anıl İlter, who divorced his wife of 10 years in 2019 and has a daughter, will sit at the wedding table for the second time.

Anıl İlter, who has been acting since 2006, has taken part in many productions until today. The actor, whom we watched with the role of Engin in the TV series Sen Çal Kapımı last season, had great popularity.

In the new season, the actor draws attention with his successful performance in the TV series Mahkum which is broadcast on Thursday evenings on Fox TV.