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7 July 2022 06:20


Another lead actor left the Ramo!

The series of Show TV, which was followed with great interest, the episode of BKM signed Ramo, which was screened last night, left the screen behind. Everyone was shocked when Ramo shot Yavuz in the finale of the exciting episode where the action did not slow down. After the death of the Fidan character played by İdil Fırat, another leading actor Yiğit Özşener left the series with the ending of the story of the Yavuz character.

Yavuz organized a meeting and invited all important names in Istanbul. Yavuz, who found Ramo in front of him while he was preparing to meet the guests, was greatly surprised. Yavuz threatened Ramo in these moments of increased tension, but Ramo, who wanted to avenge his aunt Fidan, shot Yavuz to death!

Ramo, with its 26th episode released yesterday evening, approached the 5th rating in the EU group, and made a strong move towards 7 in the total and ABC1 groups. The series continues its course both consistently and very firmly, and it increases its bone audience every week. The series, which creates a strong interaction on social media, has been talked about for a long time with the hashtag # Give Up.


Ramo made his new move to end Cihangir and included Köksal in the game. Things got complicated when Ramo, who wanted to leave Cihangir in a difficult situation at the table, brought Köksal and Cihangir together. Saying that Köksal was dead, Cihangir lost great power on the table with this development and confronted Köksal after a long time. Cihangir threatened Köksal when they were alone and called him for dinner and took action to finish his work. It was Serdengeçti who broke Cihangir’s plan and ensured the security of Köksal.


Cihangir, who could not take Köksal, applied to Çilingir to eliminate both Köksal and the East. Çilingir sent a photograph of Köksal and the Doğu with a white cross to all the hitmen in Istanbul and asked them to be caught alive. Doğu, who was wanted by the men of the Çilingir, made a plan to kill Cihangir by deliberately seizing himself, but Cihangir, realizing the trap, gave the order to kill the Doğu. In the conflict that ensued, the Doğu attacked Cihangir’s men alone and decided to take his own life with the last bullet left. It was Ramo who saved him from death at the last minute.


Ramo, whose hand was strengthened against Cihangir at the table, recalled the racon and asked for Sibel from Cihangir. Cihangir, on the other hand, put into effect Ramo’s death plan, who will come to take Sibel. At that moment, with the arrival of Nadya, Ramo escaped death and left the house with Sibel. Ramo, who brought Sibel home, explained everything to his family and explained the true reason for Sibel’s actions. While the whole family was enjoying the joy of being reunited, the romantic moments between Ramo and Sibel marked the episode.


Ramo destroyed the whole order with the plan he designed with Serdengeçti to finish the Çilingir and his hitmen. Bringing all the hitmen against the Çilingir’s system, Ramo did not leave Çilingir’s man in Istanbul.

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