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7 July 2022 01:08


The sudden departure from The Grand Family was very sad!

It turned out that emotional moments were experienced in the shooting of the death scene of Şener Savaş, who portrayed the character of Rafet in the TV series The Grand Family. The master actor Savaş Özdemir, who played the character of the type in the series, had to choke the Rafet character, played by Savaş, who is a close friend in both the series and his private life, with a rope. The famous actor, who had strangled about 20 characters in the series for 6 seasons, had a lot of difficulty when he was his close friend. His co-star Şener Savaş consoled the famous actor Savaş Özdemir. Savaş said, “There are also differences in the nature of this business. Do whatever your role takes” he consoled.

Savaş Özdemir, who posted a message on his Instagram account for Şener Savaş, who said goodbye to the series, upset his teammates as well as those who loved Şener Savaş’s sudden departure from the project. “We have very good friendships in private life with Şener Savaş, who is appreciated for his disciplined and smiling face on the set. Our friendship with his humble modest style was further consolidated in this project, ”he said.

Saying goodbye to the series, Şener Savaş said, “There are also differences in the nature of this work. The friendships I have earned are important. “Thank you to the drama team and the production team, the script team.”

When asked whether the tears shed during the death scene were real, the actress Savaş Özdemir put his feelings into words with the following words:

“Şener has become a perfect player and partner with his harmony, experience and humility within the team. His departure was sad for me as well, and we had difficulty shooting the scene. Savaş, consoling me during the filming, said this is the nature of this business and I admired his professional maturity. “

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