The most unloved man of The Grand Family!
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29 November 2022 11:04


The most unloved man of The Grand Family!

He became the most unpopular man of the series in a short time. Yaman Korkmaz, played by the famous actor Engin Benli, who was included in the TV series “The Grand Family” in the new season, became a phenomenon in a short time. Benli was able to make a name for himself in a short time with his acting in the series.

According to the script, Yaman Kokmaz, played by Engin Benli, who is the main enemy of Hızır Çakırbeyli, played by Oktay Kaynarca, changed the balance in the series. Yaman Korkmaz, who is the most unpopular man of the series by the audience with his lines and works in every episode, managed to sit at the table in a short time.

The famous actress Engin Benli, who started her acting career at the Ankara State Theater with many television series and movies, made her memory with the TV series The Grand Family.

Engin Benli, who plays the character of Yaman Korkmaz, who runs the dirty business network starting from arms smuggling, spoke about the series as follows: I’m playing a bad guy. My conclusion from the reactions I get on the street is that people can also like the bad character. In a short time, I became the most disliked character of the series. ”

Engin Benli was most liked on the screen with the series titled Kanıt (The Evidence), in which he starred with Deniz Celiloğlu. The actor, who was remembered with his successful performance, later carried out important projects.

Engin Benli; Zafer Biryol in For My Son, Sinan Pasha in the Magnificent Century Kösem, Sinan in A.K.A. The Legend, Kuzgun in Warriors, Erdem in the TV series Big Fat Lies, and the character of Alıncak in Ressurection Ertuğrul have carried out important projects in the last 5 years.

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