Great prize to Pelin Akil, Bahar of the The Grand Family!
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1 December 2022 13:28


Great prize to Pelin Akil, Bahar of the The Grand Family!

Pelin Akil was among those who participated in the 4th season of the TV series The Grand Family, meeting with the audience on the ATV screen on Tuesday evenings. After a long time, the famous actor accepted the offer from The Grand Family and returned to the sets.

Pelin Akil, who got along very well on the set with Oktay Kaynarca, who portrayed the character of Hızır Çakırbeyli, posed together and the selfie photo was included in the Instagram account. Akil did not neglect to raise excitement before the new episode of the series by saying “Are we ready?” The actor also enjoys a reward happiness.

The beautiful actress, who won the Best Celebrity Influencer Award, displayed her success with her sharing. The actress posed with her award and received more than 220 thousand likes from her followers.

Both celebrities and followers congratulated Pelin Akil on this award.

The actress wrote in her message: “The peace of mind of knowing that I have a huge family behind me with every step I take is impossible to describe. I love you very, very much, we are growing a little more every day and it makes you so happy. This award is for all of us .. ”

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