Emotions mixed in the Arıza
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1 December 2022 05:42


Emotions mixed in the Arıza

The episode of Arıza, signed by 03 Medya, which was screened on Show TV last night, left the audience breathless with its gripping events and unabated action. Trapped in the corner as a result of Ali Rıza’s successful plan, Numan took action to attack Burak, but this situation led to a completely different disaster. Halide’s shooting in the final as a result of Numan’s attack shocked everyone.

Numan, who was caught in the corner as a result of Ali Rıza’s moves one after the other, in the episode of Arıza, which left its mark on Sunday evenings, attacked Burak, but the target of the bullets was Halide, not Burak. While Ali Rıza and Burak had fearful moments with the shooting of Halide, what will happen in the next episode has already been a matter of great curiosity.

Arıza, the most watched series of the day in total with its 14th episode broadcast last night, has passed its rival Redemption. Reaching ratings between 5-6, the series is the second most watched series in AB and ABC1 categories after Redemption. If I do not start with tag # sevmektenvazgeç the exciting part for 1 hour, 5 minutes, it took place on the agenda of Turkey.


Ali Rıza, who was kidnapped by the special team, opened his eyes in a park. Remembering the torture and interrogation by the Tim, Ali Rıza went to Muzaffer to find out who did it. Ali Rıza, who was abducted while he was about to capture Numan, thought that Fuat might be behind the operation. After what happened, when the consortium gathered at Ali Rıza’s request, the truth emerged. While it was learned that those who kidnapped Ali Rıza were Fuat’s men, Fuat stated that he did this to test Ali Rıza’s reliability. Thus, Ali Rıza successfully passed another exam.


Speaking to Haşmet Ağa after their experiences, Ali Rıza stated that the only person on his mind when he was kidnapped was Halide and he did not want her to be harmed. Expressing his right to Haşmet when he was questioned, Ali Rıza decided to stay away from him for the safety of Halide. Ali Rıza, who said “We cannot be …” despite his love, shocked Halide with his words. The emotional moments in which the two experienced separation pain deeply affected the audience.


Ali Rıza, who was planning to corner Numan, raided Numan’s warehouse as a first step. After this move, Numan had to ask for money from Burak. In the second step of the plan, Fatih and Ferit seized the money sent by Burak.

Halide was shot in the final scene of the 14th episode of Arıza. Ali Rıza and Burak were right next to her. Those moments caused the emotions to mix and the audience to be saddened.

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