Big Betrayal in The Ottoman
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2 December 2022 06:10


Big Betrayal in The Ottoman

The organization will meet with the audience on the ATV screen on Wednesday, December 16, together with the 38th episode of The Ottoman. The new episode of the series, one of the most successful productions of this season, is again full of moving scenes. Kayı Obası is being established … In the second season, you can find the details of what will happen in the 38th episode of The Ottoman, who is at the top of the ratings and is at the top of the ratings, on Wednesday, December 16 at 20:00.

In the absence of Osman Bey, with the initiatives of Dündar Bey and the Savcı Bey, it is decided to collect toys for the election of a new bey in Kayı Obası. Nikola, who went to Geyhatu with the pain of losing Kulucahisar Castle and explained that it was Yavlak Arslan who set a trap for him, assigns Targun Hatun to poison the food of Kayı beys.

While Osman Bey has to confront Geyhatu against the Mongolian threat, the news from Ertuğrul Bey creates a bomb effect on the camp… Who will be the new bey of Kayı Obası? What is the news from Ertuğrul Bey? Will the Savcı and Dündar be able to get what they want from the toy?

Who will Osman Bey ally with to get rid of the Byzantine-Mongolian claw? What will Targun Hatun do with the poison he took from Nikola? What kind of game will Flatyos set up to capture Osman Bey? How will the tension between Bala Hatun and Targun Hatun end?

Production, project design and scenario belongs to Mehmet Bozdağ; “The Ottoman”, whose general director is Metin Günay and the lead role is Burak Özçivit with the character of Osman Bey, will continue to mark the Wednesday evenings on ATV screens.

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