Another name joined the Camdaki Kız series
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30 March 2023 11:30


Another name joined the Camdaki Kız series

In the TV series “Camdaki Kız”, which is broadcast on Kanal D screens on Thursday evenings, new names are included in the series with new stories. There was a breakup from the show a while ago. The story of the character Melisa, played by Yüşra Geyik, ended unexpectedly. Geyik, leaving the series, left behind a rumor!

There were allegations in the media that the role of Yüsra Geyik, who plays as Melisa (Meliha) in the script of the series, is becoming more and more effective and that some actors are uncomfortable with this situation. After these rumors, Meliha, played by Yüşra Geyik, was sent to another city and the crisis she had in the Koroğlu family was ended.

The series, starring Burcu Biricik and Feyyaz Şerifoğlu, also draws attention with its falling ratings in recent weeks. Adapted from Dr. Gülseren Budayıcıoğlu’s novel of the same name and based on a real life story, the series was increasingly criticized by the audience as losing its excitement and getting bored with some parts of it.

For this reason, it is aimed to add new stories to the series and increase the excitement. This is evident from the changes made. A master name came to the series signed by OGM Pictures in the last episode. This time, a person from Rafet Koroğlu’s past has emerged! Koroğlu’s love story will add a different color to the series. With the opening of Rafet’s old notebooks, the character of Gülsün in the series will be the prominent name of the last days.

Laçin Ceylan gives life to Gülsün in the series. The master, who has been acting and having a theater background since the 1990s, has appeared in many TV series and movies. She is also known for her is TV series Hatırla Sevgili and Çilek Kokusu.

Rafet Koroğlu will come to the fore in the series through the love story of the past. A new character will emerge from Rafet’s love book to be opened, and this character will trigger the great crisis in the story.

Laçin Ceylan, who has not been on the screen for 3 years, is getting ready to return, after the TV series “İnsanlık Suçu” in 2018 and “Aşk Ağlatır” in 2019. Ceylan is one of the masters in the industry, who also teaches many young players.

Below is the 31st episode trailer of Camdaki Kız series…

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