Series News Nihal Yalçın is officially heartening the audience with her acting in the TV series “Oğlum”!

Nihal Yalçın is officially heartening the audience with her acting in the TV series “Oğlum”!

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In the TV series “Oğlum”, the second episode of which was broadcast this week on Show TV, the secret of a murder that shocked the audience is being tried to be solved. After the death of a small child, another child takes responsibility for the murder, a process that devastates two bear families is experienced in the series.

In the series in which Songül Öden, Canan Ergüder, Timur Acar, Serhat Teoman, Nihal Yalçın and Feyyaz Duman starred, there is a name that sheds tears every time the audience watches it. Nihal Yalçın gives life to the mother who lost her son so painfully.

Nihal Yalçın plays the character of Melike, who was shocked after the discovery of her son Kaan’s body and did not want to believe that he was dead, with such a good performance that she burst into tears.

For those who watch Nihal Yalçın on the screen as the interesting funny female character Nahide Ekengil in comedy series such as Avrupa Yakası, Yalan Dünya and in Okan Bayülgen’s program, the success of the actress in comedy is well-known. In addition to his successful acting in many movies, this time his role in a heavy dramatic series adds success to the success of the actor.

Nihal Yalçın, a name of theater origin, is an award-winning name. After graduating from Istanbul University State Conservatory Acting Department, she is also an actress who has a master’s degree from Bahçeşehir University Advanced Acting Department. Yalçın has been acting in serials and movies since 2005 and draws attention in every project.

As the painful mother Melike in the TV series “Oğlum”, the actress fascinates with every scene. In the second episode of the Ay Yapım signed series, published this week, the audience again burst into tears. The actress, who gives life to a mother who is grieving the death of her son, receives many messages of appreciation from the audience on social media with her performance.

While Ahmet Katıksız undertakes the project and scenario design of Oğlum, the pen of Hürer Ebeoğlu and Sevgi Yılmaz meet with the director of Gökçen Usta. With its first episode aired last week, the series ranked ninth in the all-person category, finished the day in sixth place in the EU, and ranked eighth in ABC1.