The apocalypse will now break in the Yargı series! Laçin confessed the truth, the cards are shuffled again!
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30 March 2023 05:29


The apocalypse will now break in the Yargı series! Laçin confessed the truth, the cards are shuffled again!

A new surprise is ready for the audience in the 21st episode of the Yargı series, which will be screened tonight! Laçin, who plays a key role in the series but was silenced by her husband Yekta, will not be silent this time! In the unhappy life of Laçin, who was under suspicion for a while even after the death of his son Engin, he made an unexpected breakthrough and revealed in the new episode trailer of the series that he will give Ceylin a great deal of information.

The series, starring Pınar Deniz and Kaan Urgancıoğlu, is followed with great excitement from the first episode. The screenwriter of the series, Sema Ergenekon, does not reduce the excitement in the gripping story by constantly giving new answers and new questions to the audience.

The character of Laçin was always in the background in the Yargı series, which did not need to wait for weeks for an issue to be resolved, solved the event in a short time and increased the action with new knots. After the murder of his son Engin, even the possibility of being guilty was brought to mind. But with a very interesting development, it turned out that Laçin had a completely different life in her unhappy marriage.

It has been revealed that Laçin, the bitter woman who has succumbed to Yekta’s pressures for years, has been in love with their driver Murat for a long time, and they secretly lead a completely different life in a separate house. While Yekta, who understands the situation, does not leave Murat, an unexpected move will come from Laçin.

Yekta, who somehow uses his conscience to make Murat confess with the news that Laçin will be taken in as a suspect, will be shot from an unexpected place! Laçin is waging war against Yekta to save Murat! He will come to Ceylin and tell him that Yekta’s law degree is fake.

In the 21st episode, it is understood that Laçin, who has kept many knots in it for years, will ensure that all the cards are shuffled again. When Ceylin and Ilgaz learn the truth about Yekta, what steps will they take? We’ll watch and see.

Here is the 21st episode introduction:

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