Another surprise from the Hercai!
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1 December 2022 14:21


Another surprise from the Hercai!

The series Hercai, starring Ebru Şahin and Akın Akınözü, was taken from Friday evening to Sunday evening with a sudden decision. First, the change of the days of the Hercai series started to be discussed in the backstage and then the situation became clear.

It was learned that the 53rd episode of the series, which will be broadcast this week, will also be screened on Friday, but will be broadcast on Sunday evenings after the new year.

Although Hercai, which is broadcast on ATV and has a bone audience, did not get the desired rating at the beginning of the season, it continues to draw attention with its ratings that make the channel smile afterwards.

Under normal circumstances, changing the day of a series is to give another chance to the series with a low rating now, to show that it does not give up the series by broadcasting it on another day. But this time it was not like that. For Hercai, who was already doing well, being taken to Sunday was a second chance.

Hercai, with ambitious productions such as Ramo, Red Room, Payitaht Abdulhamid, gave a good test on a difficult day like Friday. With the transition to Sunday evening, a new opportunity opened up.

After this change in the 53rd episode of the series, which will be broadcast this week, there are new developments in Hercai series. It was learned that a new character will be added to the series directed by Ali İlhan and signed by Mia Productions.

According to the information given by journalist Birsen Altuntaş from his social media account, Miran’s mother, played by Akın Akınözü, comes to the series. For a long time, Miran’s real mother was a curiosity. It is finally coming …

The name to play the character of Dilşah has also been determined. The beloved actress Aysun Metiner will play Miran’s mother.

Who is Aysun Metiner?

Born in 1972, she graduated fram Istanbul University State Conservatory Theater Department. She starred in television series such as Şaşıfelek Çıkmazı, Kurtlar Sofrası, New Life, Back Streets, Lode Star, Benimle Evlenir misin? (Will You Marry Me), Örümcel (Spider), Nasıl Evde Kaldım?, Sıdıka, Asmalı Konak, One Liter of Tears.

Lastly, Aysun Metiner played in the TV series Lost Youth, which said goodbye to the screen with its 17th episode in October.

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