Aras Aydın, the handsome man of 'İkimizin Sırıı', received support from his lover Melis Birkan!
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30 March 2023 11:09


Aras Aydın, the handsome man of ‘İkimizin Sırıı’, received support from his lover Melis Birkan!

Actor Aras Aydın, who shares the lead role with Leyla Feray in the TV series “İkimizin Sırıı”, broadcast on ATV, is with Melis Birkan, who is an actor like himself for a long time.

At the time when their love came to the fore, the couple, which was talked about with the age difference between them, prefers to live their relationships away from the eyes. Although not very often, Melis Birkan occasionally posts poses with her lover on her social media account. Photos of the duo attract a lot of attention from their fans.

The couple is among the couples pointed out by the tabloid world. The premiere of the movie “İnsanlar İkiye Ayrılır”, starring Aras Aydın, was held recently. Birkan, who was next to her boyfriend at the gala, shared the following on her Instagram account and supported Aras Aydın and the film crew.

The movie “İnsanlar İkiye Ayrılır”, starring Aras Aydın and accompanied by Burcu Biricik and Pınar Deniz, was screened. The subject of the film, co-produced by BluTV and Bir Film, is briefly as follows; Duygu and Bahadır, whose duty is to make the highest collection possible by cornering the debtors with psychological pressure, start to follow the file of a debtor named Ceren Gürel. While the two are playing mind games to squeeze the young woman, they also engage in a relentless struggle against each other for the bonus to be received at the end of the file.

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