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6 July 2022 18:39


As soon as Can Yaman returned to Italy, he made another move that won hearts!

Can Yaman, who came to Turkey with his girlfriend Diletta Leotta and introduced his Italian girlfriend to his family, has returned to Italy. Can Yaman, who has been living in Italy for a long time, collected good memories with his family and lover during his short holiday in Turkey.

The interest in the actor, who returned to Italy after his Istanbul and Bodrum holidays, was intense again. As soon as Can Yaman went to Italy, he met with Italian fans in Rome. The actor is very warm to the fans he meets on the street. This was also revealed by the posts on social media. Can Yaman’s naturalness and warm demeanor also increase the interest. Can also met with a fan in a wheelchair, and this gesture was appreciated.

After the TV series “Bay Yanlış” broadcast in Turkey in 2020, the actor settled in Italy and took a step towards a new life. Reaching a large fan base in Italy and causing a stampede at the airport every time he goes to the country, his admiration for Can Yaman continues to increase.

The actor, who made a series of deals called ‘Sandokan’ in Italy, also took part in the preliminary preparations. In addition, the actor made commercials and participated in social responsibility projects.

The handsome actor, who has been in Italy for a while, has recently come to the fore with a commercial for an Italian pasta brand. He received praise for his performance in the movie.
The shooting of the TV series “Sandokan”, in which the handsome actor will act the leading role and will be broadcast in Italy, will begin in November.

The actor, who continues to rest and saves energy for his new series, is enthralling in the hearts of both Italians and Turks with his sympathetic attitude.

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