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21 May 2022 13:35


Aşk Taktikleri by Demet Özdemir was released and placed first on the agenda!

The Aşk Taktikleri movie, which brought together Demet Özdemir with her fans after a long time, was screened on Netflix today. As soon as the movie met the audience, it became the first item of the agenda on social media.

Demet Özdemir, who made a big debut with Çilek Kokusu and Erkenci Kuş TV series, and showed her talent in acting with her latest role in the TV series Doğduğun Ev Kaderindir, Demet Özdemir met with her fans again after a long time. The movie Aşk Taktikleri (Love Tactics), in which the beautiful actress shared the lead role with Şükrü Özyıldız, was released on Netflix today.

As soon as her movie was released, both Demet Özdemir and the movie became the number one agenda item. The #DemetÖzdemir hashtag, which ranked first, took the first place on the agenda by passing 11 thousand shares, while the #AşkTaktikleri hashtag passed 9 thousand shares and took the second place. Shares about the film were made from all over the world.

The romantic comedy film coincided with Valentine’s Day on February 14, and made a big gesture to the fans of the actors. The release of the movie was met with great excitement by the fans of Demet Özdemir all over the world.

The plot of the film, whose shooting was completed in the summer, was kept a secret. The story of Aşk Taktikleri was revealed with the release of the promotional film. Demet Özdemir, whose joy increased with the release date being announced, shared this excitement on her social media account.

The plot of the movie Aşk Taktikleri, which tells the story of a flirtatious advertiser and a self-confident blogger, picking each other up with extraordinary tactics, is as follows:

Asli is a fashion designer who believes she has men figured out and is very popular with her writing about relationships while hiding her name. Kerem, who is an advertiser, is a flirtatious man who has short-term relationships and believes that he solves women. Aslı and Kerem, who never believe in love, make a bet to make each other fall in love with him and start to use various tactics for this. All kinds of coincidences and funny events that they experience in this process connect them.

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