Artists News Aslıhan Güner does not have a new series, but she will not fall off the agenda for 6 months!

Aslıhan Güner does not have a new series, but she will not fall off the agenda for 6 months!


Famous actress Aslıhan Güner gave a successful performance in the series Kuzey Yıldızı (North Star) for 2 seasons and enchanted her fans. Later, the actress, who started the TV series called Uzak Şehrin Masalı (The Tale of the Far City), had the misfortune that this project was canceled in a short time due to low ratings.

The actress, who has been waiting for her fans to return to the series for a long time, returned to the sets with movies. The actress said that she has 3 different projects and that she will be on the agenda with these projects for 5-6 months.

The actress, who appeared in front of the camera again after years with her husband Mert Kılıç in the movie Komutan (Commander), also announced on social media that she was preparing for a new project called Nothing. The actress, who will be on the set for the movie Hiç (Nothing) with Onur Tuna, is also in the movie “Tek” (Only).

Tamer Levent will play the lead role in the movie “Tek” and Aslıhan Güner will portray the deceased wife of Professor Doctor Adem Tek through photographs and her voice.

Aslıhan Güner, who had a busy period with her movie projects named Komutan, Tek and Hiç, also addressed her fans who were waiting for a TV series with the following words:

“Now I’m a little busy with 3 movies in total… Our audience missed me on TV, but I will be in the cinema for about 5-6 months. Like a TV project, I will be in theaters often.”

Aslıhan Güner, who supported her husband in the movie “Komutan”, also stated that she took the role with happiness and excitement.

Mert Kılıç, on the other hand, stated that they prepared the movie “Komutan” based on a true story in the cross-border operation of the Turkish Army.

Aslıhan Güner praised her husband, saying, “Mert in action is very, very good.” The actress added that she is excited to appear in front of her fans on October 7 with this action-packed movie that her husband wrote and starred in.