Aslıhan Güner looks like princess
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1 April 2023 00:40


Aslıhan Güner looks like princess

Aslıhan Güner and İsmail Demirci star in the series North Star, which meets with the audience on the Show TV screen on Saturday evenings. The entertaining story of the series, in which Cengiz Bozkurt also joined the last cast, attracts great attention from the audience.

Aslıhan Güner, who gives life to the Yıldız character, does not hesitate to provide details about the daily situation to her followers by sharing on her social media account frequently. The famous actress posted a pose from the set and enchanted her fans with her outfit.

Güner, with the note “This is the tale of my Yıldız”, attracted thousands of likes with her dress that swept the ground by overflowing her long feet. While Burcu Binici stated that she is very beautiful with her fire emoji, her followers who made the “Fairy Tale Princess” comments left their heart to this state.

The followers of Aslıhan Güner also drew attention with their complimenting comments on the post they made more than 250 thousand likes. Here are some of those compliments …

“These eyes did not see more beautiful.”

“Shine my princess.”

“Thank you to my queen … ”

“And you are a magnificent Queen who gave life to that beautiful Star, mashallah.”

“Mix of Ariele and Belle… You’ve become a true fairy tale princess. God bless this beauty … ”

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