Nur Fettahoğlu poured out at her 40th birthday
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25 March 2023 23:20


Nur Fettahoğlu poured out at her 40th birthday

Nur Fettahoğlu, who came to the screens with the Babel TV series on Star TV, was born today on November 12. The actress attracted attention with her message that she made a self-criticism as he turned 40. The actress, who is married to businessman Levend Veziroğlu and has a daughter named Elisa, questioned what she lived in her past with her words and said that it was time to be thankful in her future life.

Fettahoğlu wrote about the inner reckoning she lived with herself for a long time in her article, which she literally poured out her heart, and the ones who passed by with a brave massage.

The actress notes that she has been questioning for a long time and that this creates complacency, that her internal calculations are now finished, her anger is going to forgive.

The sharing of the famous actress with her followers in a sincere language was appreciated by her followers. Known for her outspoken and humble attitude, the actress drew attention that she set up while pouring out.

By the way, Beren Saat, who played her brother in the TV series Forbidden Love, wrote “Good luck to you, dear Nur”. Nur Fettahoğlu also wrote the note “I’m glad you are here” to Saat.

Here is the sharing of the player:

Questioning the past closes the doors, I know. I was questioning it long and now I am in the complacency that followed. My mind is silent, all the showdowns are over, my anger and resentment have left the feeling of forgiveness. I free my captive self. Now I realize how small troubles took me and how long. I looked for tiny solace that would bring a smile from my hurt. I accept the feeling of deprivation that I am lost in a dead end with the Rebel. I’m not angry at myself anymore, on the contrary, I look at myself from a distance, at myself, at myself now. Even if the road is right, if it leads to a dead end, one should know how to come back! ”Besides, doesn’t life start over when you have the courage to give up? Maybe life is exactly what they gave up! Perhaps the greatest courage is to take a step back. Are you ready? Accepting uniqueness with transformation, change and flaws? Your soul will rejoice as you offer yourself tolerance! “I tell myself. Yeah, time is up. I cling to myself, giving up all as-is’s. I will not wait for something to happen to be happy anymore, life is moving forward, time is running out, maybe there is no tomorrow! So it is time to be free of dark thoughts, to acknowledge your presence and be grateful. My miracles are after me, and I follow them!
Come 40, I’m ready !!!!

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