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6 July 2022 18:45


Attention to the character Pink in Love and Blue series

ATV channel in Turkey, published in Love and Blue series…

The series is also published in various countries of the world …

There’s character like satan on innocent face. This character’s name is Pink …

Hasibe’s young daughter, Refika’s 3rd bride in the series Pink did not get tired of pursuing evil.

The followers were very tired of his evil.

Pink, played by Selin Dumlugöl, is a beautiful woman who will take a person’s mind at first sight.

But even from the look of ‘I do what I do, I feel like a mess’ flows.

Selin Dumlugöl is pushing her borders with bad character.

It’s always easier to play good character. However, reviving a character like Pink is an important success.

Those who follow from Pink are almost hating.

Here is a scene where the character of Pink is involved:

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