Artists News Love and Blue drama is very popular in Mexico

Love and Blue drama is very popular in Mexico


In South America, where Turkish TV series are watched intensely, the interest in Love and Blue series is also increasing now. The series that made the final at ATV in 2018 brought Mexico under its influence.

The series, which brought Emrah and Burcu Kıratlı to the leading role, was removed from the broadcast at the beginning of the third season. In addition to the decrease in the ratings of the series, the main reason for the lead actor Emrah’s desire to leave due to the wage dispute was the final reason.

Emrah Akdoğan gained a large fan base in Mexico with the character Ali in the series Love and Blue. Emrah, who sends a Spanish message to his loved ones, wants to go to this country when the coronavirus epidemic ends.

The Love and Blue series, published in Mexico under the name ‘Amor y Odio’, also attracts great attention on social media. Mexicans make many posts about the series.

Emrah in Spanish over both his instagram account by preparing a video reach fans from twitter page of the Mexican Embassy in Turkey.

Emrah, who is pleased with the interest he received, said “I am very happy with the messages I received from one end of the world. Thank you very much to Mr. Ambassador Tahsin Timur Söylemez. I have many offers and evaluations from North America. I will meet with my fans in “he said.