Artists News Hazal Kaya found great morale in Beyonce’s words!

Hazal Kaya found great morale in Beyonce’s words!


Hazal Kaya, who brought her son Fikret Ali to the world in November 2019, explained the troubles she had due to birth weights. Hazal Kaya explained that Beyonce’s words had a very positive effect on overcoming these troubles.

Hazal Kaya explained that Beyonce was influenced by the statements she made after she lost weight quickly after she brought her twin babies to the world.

Speaking on İbrahim Selim’s youtube program, Hazal Kaya pointed out the following words: “Beyonce gave birth to twins, gave an interview to Vogue. After birth, I felt so good when I read them. The woman gained a terrible weight. A lot of health problems in her pregnancy She lost weight very quickly and went to her concerts. Then Beyonce said, “I have 3 children. I’m 40 years old. If I can perform, nobody should talk about my weight.”

Hazal Kaya stated that she would like to set an example for other women by bringing this issue to the agenda. The actress described the positive effect of Beyonce’s words on her after birth as follows:

“I was so impressed by her. After birth, I psychologically reduced the weight I gained with her.”