ATV's new series Yalnız Kurt is coming with a thump! The new trailer has increased the excitement!
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29 September 2022 01:01


ATV’s new series Yalnız Kurt is coming with a thump! The new trailer has increased the excitement!

The countdown continues for Yalnız Kurt, ATV’s new series similar to the Valley of the Wolves. Those who are waiting for the series, which is stated to meet the audience in January, are in great excitement. The new promotion released from the series increased the excitement dosage.

Kurtlar Vadisi series and film, produced and directed by Osman Sinav, are still in memory. Especially the enthusiasts of such series complained that there was no such production for a long time. However, viewers who love such series will soon be getting Yalnız Kurt.

The producer of Yalnız Kurt is Osman Sinav again. The series, starring Hasan Denizyaran and Cihan Ünal, is expected to be an action-packed series about deep forces and external conflicts like the Valley of the Wolves.

A second promotion came from Yalnız Kurt series, the first trailer of which was published a while ago. The new movie created great excitement, especially among those who were eagerly awaiting the series. In the new promotion, the scenes that arouse curiosity become more impressive with the voice of the leading actor Cihan Ünal.

The release date of Yalnız Kurt is still unknown. It is stated that the series will meet the audience in January. In a claim that was made a while ago, it was stated that Yalnız Kurt series would come to the screen on Friday evenings. If true, this means that there will be a serious competitor to Aziz and Arka Sokaklar, the most ambitious series of Friday evening.

In addition to Hasan Denizyaran and Cihan Ünal, there are ambitious names such as Damla Colbay, Kürşat Alnıçık, Murat Han and Deniz Evin in the Yalnız Kurt TV series. The series aims to bring a different perspective to the events in our country with the process that started with Turkey’s entry into NATO in 1956.

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