Artists News Jessica May acts like a volunteer ambassador of Turkey when she goes abroad!

Jessica May acts like a volunteer ambassador of Turkey when she goes abroad!


Famous actress Jessica May was born in Brazil, but she gained great success with her TV series projects in Turkey, which she sees as her second home. The actress, who won the admiration of a wide audience with the TV series Yeni Gelin (New Bride), was last seen in the TV series Yalnız Kurt (Lone Wolf), which was canceled in the middle of this season on the ATV screen.

The actress, who has a career in the TV series Maria ile Mustafa, also took part in various movies. The actress, who is happily married to her photographer husband Hüseyin Kara, was also entitled to Turkish citizenship last year.

Explaining that when she went abroad, she constantly tried to correct the issues that people around her misunderstood about Turkey, the actress revealed that she was a volunteer embassy with this attitude.

Jessica May said, “Wherever I go, I correct the misconceptions about Türkiye. Inevitably, I still encounter the questions “Do you see camels in the streets” in Turkey? Whenever I get a chance, I talk about Atatürk. It is also something for me,” she said.

Expressing that it is thought that there are camels in Turkey abroad and that they are confused with the Middle East countries when it comes to clothing, Jessi May said that she tries to give information about Atatürk, the founder of the Turkish Republic, whenever she finds the opportunity.

Explaining that her log is in Çayeli district of Rize, Jessica May also explained that she loves the Black Sea geography. Explaining that they will do a Black Sea tour in the summer, the actress said, “I love the Black Sea, summer is another beautiful one.”