Series News Award-winning response to DilanÇiçekDeniz

Award-winning response to DilanÇiçekDeniz


Followers of the Courtyard series, which was published on Star TV, reacted to the prize awarded by DilanÇiçekDeniz, who plays in Show TV’s The Pit series.

DemetEvgar was highly praised for her performance in the Courtyard series. DemetEvgar is not the only person who has been praised by her followers since her debut.

At the same time CerenMoray, who plays the character of Azra, is already signing a character that is a phenomenon.

Nursel Kose deserves praise in the role of Kudret.

In spite of these praises, DilanÇiçekDeniz received the award of Best Female Actress of the Year …

Both Dilan, despite being criticized in the The Pit series, got this victory.

The fact that many viewers did not like DilanÇiçekDeniz’s play since the beginning of The Pit series was among the many comments made in the social media.

This situation is beginning to cause criticism of many viewers.

In an interview with a viewer, they says:

“DilanÇiçekDeniz, such as DemetEvgar and CerenMoray, is the biggest insult to give the award of the best female serial player of the year while many other players are on the screen.”