Series News A new series is starting; ‘Early Bird’

A new series is starting; ‘Early Bird’


Early Bird, a new series ….

Star TV’s new series “Early Bird” starts shooting.

DemetOzdemir and CanYaman will share a starring role in the romantic comedy series…

AyşeKutlu wrote the screenplay of the series.

DemetÖzdemir’s sister has also played a player to portray.

Her role was learned by ÖznurSerçeler.

ÖznurSerçeler will appear in the role of an assistant to Birand Tunca’s advertising agency who plays Emre in the ‘Early Bird’ series to meet the audience in June.

The shooting will be performed in many places, especially in the Levent and Beykoz Kundura Factory, and Emre’s lover Aylin will play SevcanYaşar.

The entertaining adventure of a sympathetic young girl who is starting to work at the workplace of the abrasive who has an opposite character in the series will be moved to the screen.