Series News GökçeBahadır confused everyone’s head

GökçeBahadır confused everyone’s head


Does “A Little Murder” make the series final?

GökçeBahadır said a word, she was confused!

Actress left a question mark in her head with the answer she gave in response to her assertive “A Little Murder” series.

The “A Little Murder” series will probably farewell to the screens by making the season finale with the 32nd episode on Tuesday, June 12th.

The second season of the series is scheduled to start with the 33rd episode in September.

The fate of the series is a question mark for everyone.

In the season finale section of the “A Little Murder” series, the scene of the death of all characters will be shot, but only one character will die in the season finale.

GökçeBahadır said, “There is nothing at the moment,” she said when asked if he would make the final “A Little Murder” series.

GokceBahadır, did not say a clear word about the show, the audience was also confused.

Will the series go down or continue?

The answer to this question is not clear yet.

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