Hazal Kaya's new project has appeared!
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28 January 2023 16:30


Hazal Kaya’s new project has appeared!

The famous actress Hazal Kaya, took the leading role in the latest story of Our Story. With her successful performance, Hazal Kaya learned that she was pregnant towards the end of the series. Receiving the news of pregnancy in April 2019, the farewell to the sets with the final of Our Story at the end of May.

Hazal Kaya was born to his son Fikret Ali in November 2019 and has not been on the screen for 1 full season. The actress’s new project emerged during her instagram conversation with fashion designer Tuvana Büyükçınar.

Asking when the works will start in the series, Büyükçınar’s response to Hazal Kaya has also revealed her new project.

Saying that he had no idea when to start the sets, Hazal Kaya said: “I had a movie that was planned to be shot in the summer. Of course we stopped. I don’t know when we start. What the producers think, what they are doing, I have no idea among themselves.”

Reminding that the sets are very crowded environments, Hazal Kaya said, “Teams coming in and out all over the city. This is a very risky thing, especially for set staff. That’s why I have no idea when it starts, how to get it under control, whether the teams will be reduced. ”

Hazal Kaya also stated that this uncertainty about embankments is very tiring.

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