Hazal Kaya's mother makes toys for children
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4 February 2023 17:46


Hazal Kaya’s mother makes toys for children

Famous actress Hazal Kaya said that her mother Ayşegül Kaya learned to make toys during her pregnancy last year and sent them to children in Eastern Anatolia.

Explaining that her mother made toys at home and sent them to schools in the Eastern Anatolia, Hazal Kaya said,”My mother learned the toy making process at home. She sent all his toys to schools in the East. She did so much that … 150 children set out to delight. Her hand did not stop, she sent it to many places, ” she said.

Suggesting those who say that they are bored at home to do such things and delight children who need home, Hazal Kaya explained that it is enough to do whatever she can.

Hazal Kaya also explained that the news from the children who bought the toys reached them and they were very happy.

It is also known that Ayşegül Kaya received cancer treatment for a long time.

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