Babel, Happily Ever After and Ruthless City made finals, celebrities are enjoying it!
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29 November 2022 21:47


Babel, Happily Ever After and Ruthless City made finals, celebrities are enjoying it!

Three famous actresses of the 3 TV series, who said goodbye to the TV screen untimely this season, attracted attention with their posts on social media. After Ruthless City, which ended with a surprise final in June, Mine Tugay got out of the crowd. Yasemin Allen was able to devote more time to herself when she finished with the 6th episode of Happily Ever After the Babel series was finished, Nur Fettahoğlu returned to her normal life.

All 3 famous actresses tell how comfortable and peaceful they are with their social media posts. Nur Fettahoğlu, who we watched as Eda in Babel, also told that the pace slowed down and calmed down after the series with the note “As calm as possible”. Thousands of likes and compliments from her fans came to the famous actress.

Yasemin Allen, who started this season with the TV series Happily Ever After, shared the lead role with Elçin Sangu and Ozan Dolunay.

Yasemin Allen had another series of misfortunes. After the busy period, the famous actress draws attention with her social media posts. The actress drew attention from her followers by sharing a humorous post.

Yasemin Allen, who wrote that Lola and Jay, the characters of the animated animated series named Big Mouth on Netflix, were the best thing of 2020, also got the likes with her humorous photo.

Mine Tugay, who said goodbye to the character of Şeniz in the TV series Ruthless City in June, also started to rest. The actress, who posted the photo below with the “Stay At Home” note, caught the attention of her fans.

The actor, who conveyed the importance of staying at home in this way during the coronavirus process, was also reflected in the happiness of leaving the series intensity.

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