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13 August 2022 05:40


Bad news came from Yasak Elma, who made a spectacular return to the screen after three weeks!

There is unpleasant news from Yasak Elma, which showed a good rise in the ratings with its last episode. Eda Ece, the leading actress of the series, caught the coronavirus for the second time. But there is something more worrying about it.

Yasak Elma, like other TV series, was on vacation for three weeks. The new episode aired on Monday evening. After three weeks, the return of the series to the screen was magnificent. The series, which showed a good rise in the ratings, came close to cutting the ticket for the sixth season.

However, when everything was going well, bad news came from the series. According to this, the leading actress Eda Ece caught the coronavirus for the second time. Stating that she is in good health, the actress said, “I caught Covid-19 for the second time. Good luck to the Yasak Elma, Maske Kimsin Sen and my household. Kidding aside, I’m fine, I’m getting off lightly as I’ve had covid before and have had two vaccinations. Unvaccinated, my first covid was much worse. Follow the recommendations, take care of yourself, health first”.

But there is something more worrying about it. Because, shortly before Eda Ece announced that she had contracted the coronavirus, she hosted all her setmates at her home and watched the new episode of the series together.

10 people from the set, including Ece Dizdar and Şevval Sam, were at Eda Ece’s house and were probably exposed to the virus. In this case, it seems likely that new cases will be seen and quarantined in the set team. This raises the possibility that the set will be interrupted again.

Yasak Elma, which came to the screen with its 127th episode on Monday evening, is happy to get very good results with this episode. With this episode, the series received a well above average rating and rose to the second place in the ranking. There was also news that the series was preparing for the sixth season.

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