Bade İşçil lived the life she lived in reality for a period, in her new series!
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30 November 2022 04:37


Bade İşçil lived the life she lived in reality for a period, in her new series!

The TV series Aslında Özgürsün (Actually You’re Free), adapted from the novel of the same name by one of the famous writers Duygu Asena, met with the audience on the Gain platform. The series, in which Deniz Çakır and Bade İşil came together in the leading roles, attracted the attention of female viewers as it mostly included women’s issues.

Aslında Özgürsün is actually a series from life, and because it has realistic characters, it stands out as a project where all audience groups can find something from themselves. Bade İşil recommended the series to everyone and drew attention with her words:

“Again, the characters that exist in reality. She’s not talking about anything utopian. I know women like Berna, I know men like Erkan. All of them are really living characters and they exist in Turkey, I’m sure they exist in the world. Let them look at it as a third eye, I believe there is a lot to find themselves.”

Stating that the viewers of the series will experience enlightenment and question themselves, Bade İşil emphasized that it is a project from within life. The actress, who plays the character of Belgin, thinks that she can actually enlighten many people with this role.

Bade İşil said, “Belgin is offended, she forgot to realize herself. Because of looking around, trying to make those around her feel good, she forgot himself. She doesn’t think about how she feels. Berna reminds her. Because she is a dedicated woman, she does not have the luxury of asking myself if I’m okay and living in the moment,” she said.

Emphasizing that women in the society in general are like Belgin, Bade İşil said that the point of being a devoted mother and wife drew her to the story. Explaining that she saw similar aspects in herself, Bade İşil drew attention with the following words:

“I have similar aspects to Belgin, these habits. I also devoted myself to my child after I had a child… It was the same with my marriage when I was married. She became a character that I believe made her feel stuck and free. That’s why I wanted to hold Belgin’s hand.”

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