Series News Yiğit Özşener and Rıza Kocaoğlu stunned with their new series Cezailer! This series is like no other!

Yiğit Özşener and Rıza Kocaoğlu stunned with their new series Cezailer! This series is like no other!


The viewers, who find a very different story in the new digital series called Cezailer (Criminals) published on the Gain platform, reflect their likes on the social media posts. The series, which brings together names such as Yiğit Özşener, Rıza Kocaoğlu, Esra Bezen Bilgin, Ushan Çakır, Onur Ünsal, Hayal Köseoğlu, Hakan Karsak, Şerif Erol, Görkem Kasal and Cem Zeynel Kılıç, has an interesting story.

Yiğit Özşener, in the character of Mert Güngel, a psychiatrist who was hospitalized by pretending to be a patient and then managed to get out, had a brand new experience in his professional career. Mert Güngel, who repeated the experiment conducted by David Rosenhan in the 1970s, faced great nightmares on this journey for his career.

The series Cezailer, in which tragicomic events are intertwined, makes the audience question the definition of normal human. Where does the boundary of what we define as normal begin and end? This is the question that confuses the audience.

Yiğit Özşener, the leading actor of the series Cezailer, also told how the facts that were thought to be unshakable can be shaken, said that the character’s very curious and innovative character affected him. The famous actor said:

“He’s definitely not shy about trying something new. Someone who even has the courage to use himself as a guinea pig. Even though it can’t predict the consequences, isn’t that what science is anyway? Something new is found, a new discovery is made, everything is rewritten. This uncertainty attracts me a lot.”

One of the leading names in the series is Rıza Kocaoğlu. The famous actor is currently playing a role in the TV series Tuzak (Trap) and is at the peak of his career.

Rıza Kocaoğlu, who mentioned that the general scenario of the series is very attractive rather than the character in the series Cezailer, said, “The whole scenario was interesting and not done continuously, unlike anything, without any example. He was the one that caught my attention, frankly,” he said.