Artists News Fırat Çelik made a big decision, good news for the fans who are waiting for the series!

Fırat Çelik made a big decision, good news for the fans who are waiting for the series!


Fırat Çelik, who played the character of Mustafa in the TV series Fatmagül’ün Suçu Ne (What’s Fatmagul’s Crime), which left its mark on a period, and won the admiration of a wide audience thanks to this project, made very important changes in his life. Fırat Çelik, who started his acting adventure in France and continued in Turkey for a long time, took part in various projects.

Returning to France in 2016, he took a break from his career in Turkey. In this process, Fırat Çelik, who was both acting and dealing with the management of the restaurant he owned, took a very important decision and settled in Istanbul again.

Fırat Çelik, who transferred his shop in France, where he lived for 6 years, and also rented out his house, announced that he preferred Istanbul again to live permanently. The actor, who was decorating his house for his new life, was seen shopping.

Fırat Çelik said, “I stayed for 6 years, I came back again. I missed Istanbul, I missed my profession, that’s why I came back.” Stating that his family continues to live in France and that he will go to see them from time to time, Fırat Çelik said that he is involved in beautiful projects in France for acting.

Drawing attention to the economic difficulties in Turkey by saying, “I am furnishing my house from scratch and the prices are incredibly expensive,” Fırat Çelik said that there are projects that he is in talks with.

The actor stated that he may soon return to the sets with a series or a movie. Fırat Çelik fans will thus have the opportunity to see the actor on the screen again.

Fırat Çelik said, “I will furnish my house first, then I will be ready. I can’t do everything at the same time,” he said, adding that he wants to be on the sets again soon.

Explaining that he loves Istanbul very much and misses it very much when he was in France, the actor also takes care to maintain his form.