Artists News The preparation phase of Yiğit Özşener’s Atatürk make-up took 6 weeks!

The preparation phase of Yiğit Özşener’s Atatürk make-up took 6 weeks!


In the movie Zaferin Rengi (The Color of Victory), which is based on real events that took place between 1918 and 1923 and will present to the audience the structuring and struggle that took place in Istanbul in support of the national struggle that grew under the leadership of Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, with a different expression through sports, master actor Yiğit Özşener tells the story of Mustafa Kemal Atatürk. gave.

The make-up of the successful actor Yiğit Özşener, who played Mustafa Kemal Pasha in the movie Zaferin Rengi, was applied by Babak Eskandari, a famous special effects make-up designer of Iranian origin.

The preparation phase of the make-up, which includes processes such as making a mold with the sculpting technique, creating the mold with silicone and prosthetic parts, painting, and preparing the accessories, took 6 weeks, while the application of the make-up to the artist was completed in five hours.

The costumes were prepared and produced realistically under the supervision of military costume consultants.

Worked with Ferruh Karakaşlı for the clothes. Details such as molding, cutting, material selection and color tone were prepared with great precision to match the originals exactly.

Zaferin Rengi, which will be released on February 16 and directed by Abdullah Oğuz, will take the audience back to the Istanbul of a century ago with its acting, decor, make-up and costume designs.