Artists News Gonca Vuslateri is coming with a role that makes her shoulders stand up!

Gonca Vuslateri is coming with a role that makes her shoulders stand up!


Based on real events that took place between 1918 and 1923, the movie Zaferin Rengi ‘The Color of Victory) is about the resistance of the national struggle in Anatolia under the leadership of Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, and the resistance of the Turkish armed groups, who were united and moralized by permanent football victories in occupied Istanbul.

Gonca Vuslateri will fascinate the audience with the character of Vera in the movie Zaferin Rengi, which will finalize with the Harington Cup, which has left its mark on Turkish sports and is one of our important football achievements.

Vera, the last opportunity of Tsarist Russia, who managed to escape from the miserable relationship in Moscow and come to Istanbul, will serve an extraordinary purpose thanks to love and an extraordinary relationship, instead of being an ordinary war student in this city.

Talking about the character of Vera, the famous actress gave the following information: Vera is in a bad situation in Tsarist Russia, she is dressed in a way that cannot be called a family, and she is a victim of a messy life story. She’s smart, she’s not a victim-conscious woman at all. The past stays in the past. She is a character whose resilience we can no longer look to the next period.

I love Russian Theater very much. In the plays I watched when I went to Moscow and in the works of Anton Chekhov, I saw that all the female characters were very strong. Despite all kinds of sociological and political trauma, women are always strong, women are always productive. I would say that such a woman should stand at the edge of my life in my soul. ‘Vera was a role that made my shoulders stand up a little more.’

Gonca Vuslateri describes her work with director Abdullah Oğuz with the following words:

‘ The dialogue setup is very enjoyable, I am a free-spirited director. This project excites me very much. I know it will get people very excited. Because this is our story of resistance, many people will be curious about this story. They deserve to be rewarded for this curiosity. Abdullah Oğuz will give money to the audience in return with his movie Zaferin Rengi.”

Zaferin Rengi, which will be released on February 16 and directed by Abdullah Oğuz, will take the audience back to the Istanbul of a century ago with its acting, decor, make-up and costume designs.