Artists News Gonca Vuslateri detonated yet another series of bombs, but this is a different bomb!

Gonca Vuslateri detonated yet another series of bombs, but this is a different bomb!


Gonca Vuslateri, who was born in Bursa in 1986, first drew attention in the world of TV series, where she started to appear on the sets in 2006, and the character of Nuray in the production called Atiye.

Vuslateri, who attracted great attention as Nurcan in the TV series Canım Ailem, also reached a large fan base with the character of Action in the unforgettable series Yalan Dünya. The actress, who also showed a strong performance with the character of Şule in the TV series Anne (Mother), last appeared in the TV series Tehlikeli Karım in 2018.

Gonca Vuslateri, who was on the set only for movies for the next 5 years, did not accept offers from television series.

In the autumn of 2021, the actress received an offer to take the lead role in the TV series Uzak Şehrin Masalı (The Tale of the Far City), and first accepted the role.

Then, she gave up participating in the shootings in Kars and left the project. It was also unfortunate that this series was short lived after Begüm Birgören took over the role.

The audience, who watched Gonca Vuslateri’s role as Yasemin in the TV series Sıcak Kafa (Hot Head), published on Netflix in 2022, was pleased with her return to the TV series.

However, the announcement that there will be no second season of Sıcak Kafa was another disappointment.

Gonca Vuslateri’s name was mentioned in the lead role of the Kraliçe (Queen) series, which will be broadcast on the last Kanal D screen.

The presence of Gonca Vuslateri in the series, which came to the stage of going on the set with Gökhan Alkan and Burcu Özberk, would mean her return to television series after a 6-year hiatus.

However, according to the latest information, Gonca Vuslateri detonated another bomb and withdrew from this project.

As in 2021, now the famous actress has given up taking part in a television series that she has agreed to.

Selin Şekerci will portray the character of Zeynep, who was considered for Gonca Vuslateri.