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24 May 2022 01:49


Başak Sayan, Ceyda of Yaprak Dökümü, is counting the days to return to the screens with new projects!

Başak Sayan, who was remembered with the character of Ceyda in the series Yaprak Dökümü, whose repetitions are still watched with interest, has not been seen for a while.

The actress, who got married in 2014, took a break from acting with the Milat series in 2015 and devoted herself to writing during this time. In 2017, she held her twin children Ares and Milan in her arms. The actress, who preferred to live away from the city in isolation in the forest houses in Şile with her husband and children during the pandemic period, is now dealing with her new novel on the one hand and evaluating the project proposals on the other.

Başak Sayan, who will publish her fifth novel at the end of May, said that she chose a somewhat difficult subject in her book, which took place in the 1990s, and that both the events of the period and the characters in love took place in the story, which takes place in a historical atmosphere.

Stating that she is also interested in projects related to television as the children grow up a bit, the actress also gave the good news that talks about a few surprise projects are ongoing. Since the roles similar to Ceyda’s character come in TV series projects, Başak Sayan expressed her thoughts as follows. “I think good things come out very sporadically. I don’t want to be in a business I don’t believe in just to make money. Maybe I will do other things, you will watch my stories… It will be obvious.”

Expressing that she clings to the character of Ceyda in the series Yaprak Dökümü, the actress expressed that she wants to be remembered with different roles or jobs, not bad characters. Maybe we can come across a good story from the artist, who states that she can also come up with a series or movie project from the books she wrote… As Başak Sayan says, “Is it certain?”

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