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18 May 2022 13:08


Feyyaz Duman, who was fascinated with Kadın series, was loved by Baraj, but he will annoy everyone in the TV series Oğlum!

Feyyaz Duman, whose name is already known by those who follow the movies closely, entered the Turkish TV series industry with the character of Serkan in the TV series İçerde. He met with popularity in the Fox TV series Kadın.

The actor, who played the character named Arif in Kadın series, did such a successful job that he won the admiration of the audience in his first big project. Arif’s slum boy personality and pure love, as well as his orientation towards truth and goodness, made the audience love the actor.

We saw another successful performance of Feyyaz Duman in the TV series Baraj, where he shared the lead role with Biran Damla Yılmaz. In the character of Nazım, who is reflected on the screen as a pure lover and whose life is turned upside down with intrigues, the actor has done a very successful job.

Feyyaz Duman, who remained on the screen for only 5 episodes as Yakup in the first period of the 2021-2022 season, started to appear on the Show TV screen with the character of Tuğrul in the TV series named “Oğlum” in the second half of the season.

For the fans of the series, who loved the previous characters of Arif and Nazım, Tuğrul’s character in Oğlum will not be good. Because this time, Feyyaz Duman plays a character that will annoy everyone.

Tugrul, who is himself at the center of his life, is a very selfish man. Tuğrul, who does not show proper attention to neither his wife nor his child, comes to the screen as someone who neglects his family responsibilities.

Although he is a character who attaches great importance to his appearance, is physically well-groomed and dresses well, Tuğrul’s demeanor will annoy the audience.

Being an important person and being strong is more important to him, so he puts his work and career at the center of his life. Due to this motivation, Tuğrul is a husband who ignores his wife and a father who neglects his child.

Feyyaz Duman, who made the audience love him with the roles of Arif and Nazım before, will give a different feeling this time. Because this time, the audience, who will see a negligent father character on the screen, will be annoyed by his attitudes.

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