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19 May 2022 21:02


Leaving Güldür Güldür Show, Ecem Erkek’s new series is both crazy, unpredictable and entertaining!

Famous actress Ecem Erkek attracted attention in 2017 with the character of Şirin in the TV series Hayat Sırları. Continuing her series experience in the production of Hakan Muhafız, the actress also gained great fame with the Güldür Güldür Show between 2017 and 2021.

The actress, who played the character of Naime, left the project at the end of last season and went to the stage of evaluating the offers for new jobs. “Sen Hiç Ateşböceği Gördün mü?” featuring Ecem Erkek. The character of Gülseren in the movie attracted attention. The actress preferred the digital series Aşk Kumardır, one of the role offers that came to her. The poster of the series, which will be published on the Exxen platform on February 14, Valentine’s Day, was shared.

So what series will you watch? The lead roles in the new comedy series “Aşk Kumardır”; Shared by Ecem Erkek, Barış Yıldız, Seda Türkmen, Efe Tunçer, Elit Andaç Çam, Emre Taştekin.

Nezih Helvacıoğlu is directing the new series, which will meet with the audience on February 14. The script written by Murat Dişli and Zeki Enes Akkan will present a crazy and unpredictable production to the audience.

In the post shared on the Instagram account of the series, the following statements were included: “How does it happen when intelligent, stupid, ordinary, crazy, macho, neurotic, confused, dominant, flirtatious, talkative, emotional, extraordinary, unpredictable and funny characters collide? Let’s see this together in Aşk Kumardır.”

Ecem Erkek’s shares from the set of Aşk Kumardır, which is about the extraordinary relationships of different characters and will attract the audience to the Exxen platform with its comedy aspect, also draws attention.

The actress, who shares a lot about her new series, makes you feel how happy she is and that they had a lot of fun on the set.

In the series, each episode consists of approximately 20 sketches; male-female relationships, friendships, human weaknesses and absurd situations are handled with a different sense of comedy.

‘Aşk Kumardır’ will meet with the audience on Monday, February 14 on EXXEN.

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