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24 May 2022 16:06


Damla Colbay, who blows like a storm as Yalnız Kurt’s Sare, is waiting for a miracle!

Damla Colbay, who appeared in the first episode with the character of Esra in the TV series Yalnız Kurt, continues the story as her twin sister Sare after the death of this character. .

The actress, who won the hearts of her fans with the character of Zeynep she played in the Hekimoğlu TV series, chose to take part in an action-packed drama this time in the new season. However, the series also has a political side. The first two episodes of Yalnız Kurt, which claims to bring the inner face of the events in Turkey’s recent period to the screen, attracted a lot of attention.

While it is important to give sub-messages for the audience to show so much interest, the fact that Osman Exam is the producer of the series also has a great effect. Damla Colbay and Hasan Denizyaran had a great opportunity as the lead actors of the master producer.

While Damla Colbay is giving an important test in front of her fans with such an important serial in her career, she is also excited to turn 30. Born on January 14, 1993, the actress will turn 30 next year. In an interview with Hürriyet newspaper, “Being 30 years old has been one of my biggest dreams since I was a kid. I always believed that a big surprise was waiting for me,” says Damla Colbay, and she is very excited.

Will this dream come true and what kind of surprise will it have? The actress who asked these questions said, “I have 1 year left. We are open to the surprises of the universe, let it come,” she says and wishes good things to happen next year.

Explaining that her life is progressing in a normal course, the beautiful actress said, “I am in a project where I feel good in my profession, I have a good relationship, I am healthy,” and said that everything is fine in her life.

The actress, who said in an interview that she never lost her consciousness in love, now thinks that she has said a big word. Damla Colbay said, “I spoke big. I have a good relationship now, I learned that this is not something that can be controlled. That is the most beautiful thing,” she said.

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