Series News Bensu Soral survived the series mishap last season, passed the exam successfully!

Bensu Soral survived the series mishap last season, passed the exam successfully!


After the TV series “İçerde” (Inside), which was broadcast in 2018, Bensu Soral, whom we could not watch for a long time, decided to return to the screen with a series called Cam Tavanlar (Glass Ceilings), which started in the summer period last summer. The duo of Kubilay Aka and Bensu Soral shared the lead role, but the series did not receive the expected attention.

In fact, when the problems with the acting performance, which surprised even the fans of Bensu Soral, were reflected on the screen, a serious criticism was made on the social media. However, although Bensu Soral recovered in a few episodes and the criticism decreased, this series did not last long.

The period when Bensu Soral received great criticism and misfortune last season is over. Now, the Tuzak (Trap) series, in which he is a partner with Akın Akınözü, has started. The famous actress from the first episode of the Tuzak series received great acclaim. The actress, who seems to have survived the misfortune she experienced last season, has made a brand new start with Tuzak.

The actress, whom we watched in the series with the character of Ceren, will find herself in the middle of a revenge story. Of course, there is an expectation that this revenge story will go to a completely different point with the power of love and love.

Bensu Soral survived the series mishap last season, passed the exam successfully! 7

The character of Ceren, played by Bensu Soral, is the middle child and only daughter of Demir Gümüşay, played by Talat Bulut. Ceren is the only son among her siblings who truly admires her father. Ceren is a disciplined and ambitious person. Ceren, who wants to prove herself to her father, also has the desire to be loved, accepted and possessed. That’s why she’s so afraid of being left behind and ignored. She always shows herself strong to the outside world, and her biggest desire is to be the head of Günsay Holding.

Bensu Soral reflects the feelings of many women in the society to the screen with this influential female character she plays. The actress said, “Ceren grew up without love, but she truly admires her father. A girl who always feels like she has to prove herself in order to exist in the life they are in, and believes that she will win her father’s love in this way,” she described her character.

Drawing attention to the fact that Ceren is strong, brave and intelligent unlike her other siblings, Bensu Soral explained why she accepted the role by saying, “Behind her tough appearance, she has a compassionate and conscientious spirit.”