(Berguzar Korel) fans are spreading goodness to the world
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9 December 2022 13:14


Berguzar Korel fans are spreading goodness to the world

Members of the Universal Fan Club, established to spread the name of , opened a water well in Africa.

The Foundation ran for the benefit of their children. He founded a library in village school in . The aim is to spread goodness to the world …

Universal Fan Club, which has more than 40 followers in Instagram, is not only keeping the name of the famous player, running to those who need help.

The establishment story of the group is interesting. In 2013, a young woman named sends a gift to , a fan. Universal Fan Club group is founded on the fact that Hediyenin is very appreciated by .


The group, following a different path from the others, launched social aid campaigns on behalf of .

In Africa, where the thirst is dominant, it opened the water well and donated money for the children in the Foundation.

She undertook the treatment of hundreds of street animals, founded a library carrying the name of for a village school in , and opened an art workshop in Karaburun.

The founder of the group, , “Our goal is to spread goodness to the world on behalf of . The social projects that we have done for this reason will continue, “she says.

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