Bergüzar Korel has a message for mothers of daughters!
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30 September 2022 10:01


Bergüzar Korel has a message for mothers of daughters!

Actress Bergüzar Korel, who is currently in London with her family, shared a message, especially to the mothers of girls, with what she wrote under the photo she published on her social media account.

Bergüzar Korel and Halit Ergenç couple experienced the excitement of being parents for the third time with the birth of their daughter Leyla in November. The famous couple has not been involved in any projects for a while and spends all their time taking care of their children.

The famous actress, who shared a photo of her in nature with her daughter Leyla on her lap, on her Instagram account, wrote the following under the photo; ‘I think it’s very sexist to dress girls in pink’ But dressing her in full black coffee and gray for her own taste is ultra-feminist! Of course, dear, yes, you are right.

Whether you’re a princess, a cowboy, a tutor, or a ballet, or a truck and a bucket, you’re the color of both your dreams and your freedom. You are the most beautiful colors.”

Bergüzar Korel, a mother of three, who actively uses social media, often enchants her followers by sharing her poses with her children.

She cares not to show her children’s faces in her posts with her children Ali, Han and Leyla. The actress did not break the rule again, Bergüzar Korel’s sharing of her 3.5-month-old daughter, Leyla, which hid her face, received hundreds of thousands of likes from her fans in a short time.

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