Bergüzar Korel showed her daughter Leyla this much for the first time! Here is little Leyla Ergenç…
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2 December 2022 19:37


Bergüzar Korel showed her daughter Leyla this much for the first time! Here is little Leyla Ergenç…

Halit Ergenç and Bergüzar Korel, who made a name for themselves with the projects they took part in with their successful acting, entered the world house in 2009. The couple got married after the TV series Binbir Gece, in which they played the leading roles, and now they have 3 children.

The couple’s first child, Ali, who draws attention with their happy marriage, was born in 2010. Then, their son Han was born in March 2020. Bergüzar Korel took a close interest in her baby for a while and did not accept a project due to the intervention of the pandemic.

Korel accepted an offer from a drama that would later be shot for a digital platform, but at the last moment gave up acting because she was pregnant with her son Han.

Shortly after Han turned one year old, Bergüzar Korel learned that she was pregnant with their third child, and the couple’s daughter Leyla was born in November 2021.

The couple takes great care not to show their children’s faces on social media. They express at every opportunity that they do not find it right to make such a post without the consent of their children. They demand the same care from everyone. They also react to the presence of some of their photos taken unannounced in the media.

However, they do not make small surprises for their fans and fans from time to time! From time to time, Korel publishes the poses of her son Han or her daughter Leyla, taken with her hands and feet or from behind. It even broadcasts audio videos. But they don’t show their faces.

This time, a nice surprise came for Leyla! Bergüzar Korel published a face down photo of their daughter Leyla, who was born in November and is now 3 months old, lying on the floor. Even this was a surprise to delight fans.

Meanwhile, the couple, who were preparing to move to London, had made a short visit to England recently. Bergüzar Korel continues to share some stories from their home in Turkey, to which they have returned. In addition, the actress announced on Instagram that she is looking for a team to design a nursery in their new home in London.

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