Artists News Bestemsu Özdemir could not hide her excitement even while describing the series Gecenin Ucunda!

Bestemsu Özdemir could not hide her excitement even while describing the series Gecenin Ucunda!


Kadir Doğulu and Neslihan Atagül’s reunion in the lead role and the production partner of the Gecenin Ucunda (At the end of the Night( series will soon meet with the audience on Star TV.

You will watch Neslihan Atagül in the character named Macide in the TV series Gecenin Ucunda, adapted from Peride Celal’s novel of the same name. You will find the story of Macide, who cannot be happy in her business life and seeks to heal others, and is tested with love on her way to find herself and enters a world she has never seen before.

While the trailers of the new series showed that an impressive production was coming, Bestemsu Özdemir, one of the names in the cast of the series, did not hide her excitement. Explaining that the series is a very different production and that she was excited even while reading the script, Bestemsu Özdemir mentioned that a very good cast was also created.

The famous actress said the following about her new series: “A book adaptation, Gecenin Ucunda. It has a really amazing cast. I love them all, they are all my friends. I think a good job is coming. I don’t like to speak too assertively, but we watch the script without breath, I think the audience will watch it with the same pleasure.”

Bestemsu Özdemir, who plays the spoiled daughter of a wealthy family named Serra in the series, will appear in front of the audience with an interesting role that constantly turns things around, although she reassures everyone.

The actress explained her new character with these words: “I am playing the character of Serra. It’s a very fun role that everyone loves, never suspects, always backsliding.”

Directed by Barış Erçetin and scripted by Başar Başaran and Emre Özdür, the cast of the series Gecenin Ucunda has the following names:

“Neslihan Atagül Doğulu, Kadir Doğulu, Sarp Levendoğlu, Zuhal Olcay, Tuba Ünsal, Özge Özder, Bertan Asllani, Kaan Taşaner, Bestemsu Özdemir, Levent Özdilek, Ebru Aykaç, Şencan Güleryüz, Aysun Metiner, Gonca Yakut, Aleyna Özgeçen, Abdulkerim İlhan, Hazal Şenel, Seyda Bayram, Cem Avnayim, Tugay Bahşi, Ufuk Tevge, Kuzey Kaya, Ubeyt Ünal, Oya Ünal.”