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6 July 2022 15:17


Bet on Yargı series! Who is the killer?

One of the most striking works of this season, Kanal D’s series Yargı takes the audience’s breath away every week. It is a matter of great curiosity who the murderer is in the new series. A very different promotional effort was made to guess who the murderer was on the social media account of the series.

Yargı series, starring Pınar Deniz and Kaan Urgancıoğlu, is getting ready to come to the screen with its fifth episode. Ever since the first episode of the series, everyone has been wondering who the murderer is.

In the social media account of Yargı series, it was announced that the murderer will be revealed in the fifth episode. This increased the dose of excitement among the audience. Now everyone is waiting for the day when the fifth episode will be released.

The social media account of the series has signed an extraordinary promotional work for the fifth episode. In the post made for the promotion of the fifth episode, “The murderer appears in the 5th episode of Yargı, don’t miss it!” and added a graphic video.

In the video, names such as Yekta, Engin, Hoca, Balıkçı, Zafer, Metin, Engin, Osman, Pars, which the audience suspects are the murderers, were written one after the other. In the third and fourth sections, the probability of being a murderer according to the estimates is presented in a graph.

In the promotional film of the series, while Ilgaz’s sentence “We will set up a game” to Ceylin signals a high-tempo episode, “Who is the murderer?” question will be answered.

The fifth episode of Yargı series, which will reveal the truth, will meet with the audience on Sunday, October 17 at 20:00 on the Kanal D screen.

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