Artists News Beyza Şekerci, like a swan on the dance floor

Beyza Şekerci, like a swan on the dance floor


Famous actress Beyza Şekerci shared her performance with Gökçe Sonmemis on stage, which is celebrated as World Dance Day. The famous actress wrote “Happy World Dance Day”.

She who stopped dancing years ago described the show in the video as a show of courage for her. Beyaz Şekerci shared, “This is a courage … After years of dancing, my dear friend, colleague Gökçe Sönmemis, shared a few sections from the year-end show of our school, where we graduated, including our own students.”

Stating that she was very excited and had heart palpitations, Beyza Şekerci received great admiration from her followers. Fans said “You are like swans on stage” found Beyza Şekerci’s performance very well.

Some fans of the famous actress made comments stating that they did not know that she was so talented in dancing and expressed their surprise.