Series News Big disappointment in Show TV’s Baba series, the final possibility is getting stronger!

Big disappointment in Show TV’s Baba series, the final possibility is getting stronger!


The 24th episode of the TV series Baba (Father), starring Tolga Sarıtaş and Haluk Bilginer, has passed and we can say that things are not going well when we look at the ratings. The series, which received above-average ratings in its first season, was criticized for not being fluent enough in its story.

In the second season, a great spirit of change dominated the series with new actors. There have been such great changes in the story of the series written by Gökhan Horzum that those who remember the first season were shocked in the second season. Despite the new story setup full of both new characters and more moving scenes, the Baba series cannot achieve the desired success.

In the 24th episode of the series, the fact that it was not among the top 10 programs in the rating table in any category shows that the problem has grown. Now, it is necessary to see the fact that we are going step by step towards the end of the road for the Baba series, where the loss of viewers is clearly visible with its below-average ratings.

The reason for this interpretation is that the story is no longer at a point where it can attract large audiences. There was an impression that the series will continue on its way with below-average ratings from now on.

Show TV will not make a reflex to take the series off the air immediately, but it shouldn’t surprise anyone that the situation in this falling rating table as of the second season pushes the channel management to take a decision slowly.

With the 24th episode of the TV series Baba, it drew a negative image in order to attract large audiences and there was uncertainty for the future.

The story of the series can no longer attract the audience, and many fans think that the possibility of the finale is getting stronger after the low ratings in the second season compared to the first season.