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18 August 2022 14:05


Birce Akalay is very determined! She will no longer accept those roles!

Successful actress Birce Akalay has been away from national channels for a while. Akalay, who played a role in the latest series called Mezarlık (meaning: Cemetery), which was shot for Netflix, announced that she would pay attention to one issue in the roles she would choose from now on.

Answering the questions of journalists, Birce Akalay said that she would no longer be involved in any of the projects that legitimize violence against women. The successful actress admitted that she did not pay much attention to this issue before, but now she has changed. Stating that she is very determined on this issue, Akalay said, “Why should I justify violence?” said. Birce Akalay received great applause for her stance.

The last time Birce Akalay appeared on the screen was the national channel Fox TV. This adventure of the actress, who was included in the second season of the Son Yaz series broadcast on Fox TV, did not last long when the series became a victim of ratings.

Birce Akalay did not appear on the screen again after the failure of Son Yaz.

The successful actress starred in the latest series Mezarlık (Cemetery) for Netflix. Birce Akalay, who is in front of the camera with Olgun Toker, one of the successful actors in the series, is counting the days to come before the audience with a striking story. The actress is also very excited for her new series.

The series, whose shooting was carried out with great care, will be broadcast on Netflix as an original domestic series. Özden Uçar and Onur Böber wrote the script for the series, which will draw attention to the murders of women, which are the bleeding wounds of Turkey.

Birce Akalay took the first step of this decision with her new series, Cemetery, which draws attention to violence against women. What will be the next project of the successful actress is a big question mark.

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