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19 August 2022 03:53


Despite the criticism, the good news about Midnight at Pera Palace came from Selahattin Pasali!

Midnight at Pera Palas series, starring Hazal Kaya and Selahattin Paşalı, met with the audience on Netflix last week. The good news about the series, which received both acclaim and heavy criticism, came from the leading actor, Selahattin Paşalı.

Midnight in Pera Palas, which tells the story of Esra, a journalist, traveling in time to the first years of the Republic, was admired by the majority, but was heavily criticized. However, despite all these criticisms, the series entered Netflix’s top 10 rankings, becoming the most watched series in 25 countries.

Despite the criticism, good news about Midnight at Pera Palace came from Selahattin Pasali. The talented actor was a guest of İbrahim Selim’s program. In his statement on the program, Paşalı said that the second season of the series Midnight in Pera Palas will also be shot. He added that the character of Halit, which he portrayed, will also take place in the second season.

Produced by Karga Seven Pictures and directed by Emre Şahin, who is also the creator of the series, together with Nisan Dağ, the series was written by Elif Usman, inspired by Charles King’s novel, Midnight in Pera Palas.

In the eight-episode series, Hazal Kaya plays the character of Esra, who lives today but travels back in time to 1919. Although Midnight at Pera Palace was highly appreciated by many viewers, it was also heavily criticized. Especially the article written by Hürriyet newspaper writer Ahmet Hakan caused great controversy.

The criticism made by Yazgulu Aldogan, one of the writers of Cumhuriyet newspaper, also attracted great attention. Writer Elif Usman’s article, which also received its share of criticism, said that she thinks it is a pity for the great effort and money spent for indoor and outdoor spaces.

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